Naxos is Greece in a nutshell

Naxos is Greece in a nutshell, where you can experience all that’s good about Greece,
from mythology and ancient civilization to wild flowers and island-studded seascapes, on one exceptional island. Naxos is big enough to have the highest mountains in the Cyclades, broad vales of olive groves, secret valleys with fairytale pools, and the best selection of deserted beaches in Greece; small enough to be explored in a holiday – although you’ll want to return for more.

Island life is shaped by the rhythms of the seasons and agricultural traditions; this is a working island which has not been destroyed by dependence on tourism and runaway development. It has a great past but also a lively present, making it a rewarding place to visit or live on at any time of the year.

A permanent and growing population of c. 22,000 spans a healthy demographic balance, from young, active, creative professionals through to craftsmen and farmers. Most people live in and around Naxos town (Chora); village populations range from a handful of resilient old-timers to a mixed population of 300.

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